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 "If only I could use words in this review the way that Michael J. Griffin does throughout this entire book. Every word, sentence, and chapter are sewn together so beautifully to bring each reader into the story as if he were there himself. I went on vacation with my husband and could not put the book down!! (My husband, by the way, was not too thrilled about that!) Because I cannot give a review even worth the review this book deserves, I just beg to you to please read it and you will also understand where I come from! I haven't read a book like this in years. Reading is like exercising to me: Once I get started, it has to REALLY feel good to keep me going. Trust me, this is one of those books. You won't be able to stop. Thank you, Michael J. Griffin. And I want to know, when is your next novel due? I will be one of the first to buy it!"

– Tara Sudler, Bixby, Oklahoma


"This is the best book I've read in quite some time. It is a wonderful book. It exceeded my expectations and expounded to a great ending."

– Avid Reader, LaCrosse, Indiana


"This book was so descriptive, you feel like you are right there. Redemption Road reveals a part of American history that we try and block out, which is wrong. Griffin has us face this controversial time in history and focuses our attention on learning from it. It is a fantastic piece of writing."

– Aidan, Winnetka, Illinois



 "Redemption Road will awaken ones memory bank. In the privacy of reading Redemption Road a reflective twinge will cross over you. The characters in Redemption Road bring to the forefront of your memory bank, visions of true life people from your past. With a wince you will be forced to see their faces as you knew them then. Our lives go on and it is nice to read material that scrambles loose tucked away memories. Be prepared for what this book does to one’s soul, long after the back cover has closed.

You have done a wonderful job, Mr. Michael J. Griffin. Thank you."

– Debra Lungren, Pleasant Hill, CA

 "Wow. I can't ever remember being so engrossed in a novel that it consumed my thoughts ENTIRELY even when I wasn't reading. The characters became such a part of me that even now I can't help but wonder how they each are and what they're now doing – as if they weren't fictional characters at all but rather relatives or close friends of mine. The author could not have done a better job telling this story – Michael J. Griffin is brilliant! Every sentence is perfectly crafted – descriptive and clever, yet so simple. If this book doesn't make it to the top of the bestsellers list I'll be extremely surprised and disappointed. Redemption Road is amazingly brilliant - from start to finish and everywhere in between. It introduces the reader to so many perceptions and views of understanding that it truly is a must-read for everyone!"
– Lydia O’Brien, San Francisco, CA