Readers are raving about Redemption Road

"Redemption Road is wonderful. It reveals a depth of feeling and an understanding of human nature. I laughed, I cried, I cried some more. Michael J. Griffin even managed to deliver a powerful message without preaching. A tough thing to pull off. The characters are clearly defined and speak with their own unique voices. The plot reversals are engaging and believable. And the "love out of the ashes" theme is timeless and uplifting. Griffin needs to do everything he can to get copies of this book into the hands of people who can open the right doors – it should be shared with millions.

And then it should be made into a movie. Really."

– Roger G., Chicago, Illinois


"I have been reading Redemption Road almost to the point of obsession. I woke up around 1:00 a.m. and started reading again. I finished around 2:30. I can’t remember the last time a book has moved me so much. It was truly incredible. I do believe Michael J. Griffin has a best seller."

– Jude V., Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania


"I enjoyed Redemption Road very much. I got it as a gift right before Christmas and I had my nose stuck in the book over the holiday. I was impressed with Michael J. Griffin’s ability to jog my memories of many things – least of which was the passion of first love."

– Bob S., Cincinnati, Ohio


"Redemption Road is an absolutely wonderful book and is very touching! The story is so emotionally powerful on every level it's nearly impossible to put the book down. Even though the book is fictional, it's still a very real story... sad yet comforting. There's not a character you can't relate to. It's easy reading and well written, I read it twice in less than a week!"

– Nathan G., Bloomington, Indiana


"I have one word for Redemption Road: “Wow”! I could not put the book down! Great insight and compassion in to what it must have been like living during such an emotional time in our history! Great job, Michael J. Griffin!! When can I read your next book??"

– Laurie F. P., Chesterton, Indiana


"I am a 40-year-old man who has been reading ever since I could pick up a book and it is seldom that I find a story as intriguing and thought-provoking as Redemption Road. 

I find it refreshing that when I, as the reader, figure out the twists and puzzles throughout, as they coincide with Grady’s revelations, then find myself standing up from my chair, making a triumphant fist and yelling “Yes”!

I realize, at that moment, that I have become Grady.

As the story continues, I find it easy to sink into each and every character and relate to them on a more and more personal level as the story wraps up.

It is indeed magical that Michael J. Griffin can guide me, sometimes unwillingly, through the passages of time and show me what makes up these characters and how they have become who they are. The life lessons throughout Redemption Road make me feel that either this book and its people are based on real occurances, or that Griffin has indeed been given the gift of storytelling.

I wish to think the latter.

Thank you Michael J. Griffin for an excellent read that I will gladly pass along to my friends and family. I am anxiously awaiting your next novel."

– Rob S., Porter, Indiana


"I finished the utterly fantastic Redemption Road this weekend. I’m speechless! I have been absorbing my emotions and listening to my heart ever since. I cannot put all of my feelings into, excitement, refreshed, enlightened, spiritual, sad, happy, moved, renewed, and so much more! My soul seems to have been transported and lifted to a higher more meaningful level! And I noticed, cleverly indirect at first, that once I closed the book and absorbed the last few pages, I felt a sense of peace and hope wash over me."

– Patty Z., Chesterton, Indiana


"I started reading Redemption Road and I couldn't put it down. We had a party to go to and I wanted to stay home and read, I was so engrossed. I read that night until my eyes couldn’t stay open. The next morning I picked it up and the neighbors came over and I was just waiting for them to leave so I could continue reading.

I haven't read a book that I just couldn't put down since I read Song of Solomon last year.

Thanks Michael J. Griffin for a great read!"

– Mary M., Tampa, Florida


"I finished Redemption Road in less than 3 days. WOW. It was great! I am so impressed! Michael J. Griffin did such a great job – I am in awe of his work. What a great accomplishment. His characters rock, the subject matter is touchy and it grips your heart (which is a good thing). It is really one of those books that you cannot put down."

– Jackie G., Ouray, Colorado


"I thought this this book was amazing! Mr. Griffin descriptively wrote the chapters so that you felt like you were really there in the moment. Took me only a couple of days to read the entire book.... I couldn't put it down! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone."

– Kristel G., Chicago, Illinois


"A very moving story that holds your attention to the last page. Through laughter and tears, the characters draw you into a story so real, that you feel like you are living it yourself. With heartbreaking and heartwarming realism, Mr. Griffin takes you on a journey that is sure to teach you the true meaning of love and forgiveness. This is a book that you will surely want to share with others, after you have read it again, of course."

– Linda R., Valparaiso, Indiana


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