The Power of Words

Of all the devices ever created by humans, is there anything more powerful than words? Kingdoms have fallen because of words. Nations have been built on the framework of language. More friendships and alliances have been destroyed by words than by the sword. Some words cannot ever be forgiven and some never forgotten.  Words create beliefs, and beliefs become the threads by which we hold ourselves and our societies together. Words make us laugh and weep. They console and ridicule. They crackle in our brains and create pictures. They sweep us away to distant lands. They pull us deep into ourselves. They keep us up at night and hold us hostage as we turn the pages. Words are magic and music, tragedy and healing. They unite us and separate us. The right word at the right time can change everything.


"I have always believed that reading a good story is a splendid way to learn about the human condition, our history, our shared weaknesses and strengths. Stories give nuance, color, texture and clarity to a world that is too often interpreted simply in black and white, good and evil, right and wrong – when the truth actually lurks in the gray areas. A good tale lets us look into other peoples' souls and, perhaps, find ourselves there as well."